Getting fresh, locally grown produce at PFPA is easier than ever!

Fill out a bid form as an absentee bidder from the items offered, using your buyer number. We update the list based on what we anticipate to be coming in for the upcoming sale.

If you are a first-time buyer, please call (740) 498-1090 to register.

What is Absentee Buying?

Absentee buying is remote bidding done on behalf of restaurants, institutions, organizations, or individuals by the PFPA’s designated bidder. It’s a great way for chefs, cooks, wholesalers, clubs, or individuals to source fresh, local produce without coming to the auction if their busy schedules won’t allow it. When satisfying orders, our chosen bidder will take the highest bid first.

Note: All absentee bid forms MUST be submitted by NOON on the day of the auction. A 5% Service Fee will be added to all completed orders.

How does it work?

Bid orders for our Monday and Thursday auctions can be placed weekly by phone or email, with a list of requested commodities and the highest price the purchaser is willing to pay for each commodity.

On auction days, our Absentee Buyer uses those bids to acquire produce on the floor in real-time.

Following the auction, the purchaser would be notified via email, text, or phone call of what was purchased for them that day.

Delivery can be arranged (for a fee) depending on the location and quantity ordered. If the purchaser would like delivery, it must be scheduled beforehand.

Click Here For The Absentee Bid Form


The Peoli Farms Produce Auction is a licensed auction firm with the State of Ohio.

The Peoli Farms Produce Auction is registered under the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The Peoli Farms Produce Auction is insured.

Many of our farmers are trained in GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) through certified GAP educators.5