Market reports will be published after each auction. Please check back to see the latest market information.
This form allows you to place a max bid on produce (that is currently in season) without having to be physically present during the auction. All orders must be submitted by noon on day of sale.
We routinely post pictures of some of the amazing products that go through our auction. Click here to see!


Peoli Farms Produce Auction L.L.C. is a fully licensed auction company specializing in agricultural and homegrown commodities. Our auctions run from April to October on Mondays and Thursdays at p.m. until Memorial Day, when we switch to p.m. auctions. Spring flowers and early harvests such as rhubarb, green tomatoes, asparagus, and strawberries kick off the season. We then move on to a range of crops such as red tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, potatoes, and more. Visitors will find cash-and-carry tables full of freshly baked products and locally grown produce, as well as a floor full of flowers and/or produce available for auction bidding. Whether you’re looking for the best resell prices, extra supply for canning purposes, or want to bring fresh quality food home to enjoy, come see what we have to offer.

Peoli Farms Produce Auction is located on State Route 258 just south of Newcomerstown, Ohio. We’re about 20 minutes from the I-77 Newcomerstown exit.